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Established in 2021, NB Consulting is the brainchild of two senior-level software engineers, each boasting approximately 20 years of industry experience. We leverage our deep technical knowledge and robust problem-solving skills to help businesses overcome their most intricate software challenges.

Our mission is

To leverage our extensive experience and passion for problem-solving to help businesses overcome their most complex technical challenges. We strive to deliver top-tier Ruby consulting services, ensuring quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction.


We excel in a variety of Ruby and Ruby on Rails related areas, offering services that include:

Regardless of your industry, we're here to offer our expertise and assist with your Ruby-related needs.

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Reach out to us with a detailed description of your requirements, and we'll get back to you for further clarification. We're based in Argentina and operate remotely, allowing us to cater to clients globally. You can contact us via the following emails:

Engagement and Communication

Our initial reconnaissance process varies in length from project to project, ensuring we tailor our approach to your unique situation. Once the project is underway, we maintain open and consistent communication via Discord to ensure transparency, quick resolution of issues, and effective project progression.

Find us on GitHub and LinkedIn to learn more about our background, our past work, and our professional approach.

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